Tuesday, January 19, 2016

January 2016. Now taking orders for My legendary fork blade benders.

Hello everyone in frame builder land. My benders have been out of production for some years now due to the big California move and various excellent projects but I am happy to say that my benders are going back into production this week. After a couple false starts pertaining to safely putting a wood shop and metal shop in the same vicinity I have found a spot and have the materials to make these things available again.

I have sold these benders all over the world and have gotten great feedback and surprisingly there still is a market for them.

My goal from the beginning was to make framebuilding a little easier for the newb to  get into by offering inexpensive benders, tubing blocks and custom parts like dropouts and head tube badges along with sharing simple techniques that involve few tools.

for now I will be offering the benders. then the blocks and custom parts will follow soon thereafter.

order today. first shipment goes out Feb 1st