Sunday, September 9, 2007

sneak peek. post paint pre build.

I know it seems like we build like one bike every month and a half, well' you're right. we take alot of time building because we're picky and both work full time jobs and have girlfriends and numerous other things going not bombs, kids, beer, friends, riding, dumpstering. but when we are working on a bike it is the only bike we are doing and all of our attention goes to that one bike. One at a time, thats how we do it. period. we also recently decided to keep everything in house and we are painting all of our own frames to keep the quality intact. so here it is, our first in house spray job. and if i do say so myself i think it is the shitttt. my friend eric hooked me up with his autobody paint distributor Albert Kemperle. Tony at AK told me that i could rummage through all the mismatched colors that have been sitting on the shelf and are taking up space. Bottom line is I walked out with $750.00 worth of paint for $0.00. many thanks to tony and I hope he enjoys the roasted peppers. anyway if you ever get your hands on a professional spray gun use it. mix the paint to reducer @ 2 to 1.5 and spray. peice of cake, no trick photography, no majik powers or secret knowledge. i bet if you take your time and keep shit clean you'll get a great result. E-mail me if you need some tips. my friend has been spraying for 15 years and i can answer any question for FREE. anyway we are really appreciative of our customers till this point and all the people that we have met since our landing here in port chester. we are looking forward to building Ski's bike and i assume it will take way more time than it should. enjoy the pics. Mike and Aaron

Friday, August 24, 2007

new stem

I had a little free time this week and here are the results. half lugged half fillet stem, the lug is a prugnat s-4. 73 degree seat lug that we had sitting around. Im pretty happy with the way this one came out.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

sams cx frame!

We got Sam's frame all done and its fuckin sweet! if you come out for the open house on the 18th you might get to check it out. Next up is a fixie for ski and then a full touring rig for jon booth along with a couple more for family and friends should be fun.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

open house postponed until Sat. Aug 18th

due to a complete lack of planning skills we are moving the open house from Aug 11th to Aug 18th. it is a saturday and you can show up whenever you want as long as it's after noon. please spread the word...Sorry for the screw up.

Mike and AAron.

Friday, July 27, 2007

open house bbq

we are having a open house / bbq on sat august 11. all are welcome to come check out the shop and hangout. if you need directions please email

Saturday, July 21, 2007

workshop pix by dave hall



Thanks to everyone who came out, I think we had about 20-25 people? if anyone did a head count let me know and if you shot any pix please share.  We are all ready planing to have an open house / BBQ  on saturday august 11th. so anyone that missed the workshop should come. We would love to have some feedback from people that came... what they liked/didnt like
so drop us a line special thanks to the people that brought food/beer.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Sams Cyclocross frame ( lugwork)

here are some pics of Aaron turning an insert to put into a lug for bending. The lug is 3.5 degrees off from the drawing so it needs a little work. this picture was taken about three seconds before the lathe shorted out, (don't worry we fixed it). also there are some pics of sams' lugs all cut and pretty...Mike G.