Sunday, June 10, 2007

Free bicycle framebuilding workshop on july 19

First ever
Nicola Cycles
Bicycle frame building workshop

Men, Women, and children,Feel free to come to our free bicycle frame building workshop on:

july 19th
@ 135 washington st.
port chester, ny.
@ 6pm in the garage

We are a small time, garage built bike company with limited space and resources, and our techniques are similar to those of the old days. We have learned and taught ourselves a lot over the years and we will be teaching as much of this art as we know. Knowledge should be shared and not horded, patented, and copyrighted. Our curriculum will be whatever. And the class will run however long it takes.

we have a grill so bring whatever food you want to cook and try to bring extra. if everyone brings a little we will have a lot. it will be an open forum and we expect to learn as much from you as you do from us. student teacher heirarchy is detremental to learning and you will be treated as peers.

Topics include:
Geometry, Materials, Mitering, Pinning, Fixture design, Brazing (silver, and brass), Fork construction, Stem construction, Corporate scumbags, Government scumbags, and the death of the car.

Bring your own sunglasses. We cannot supply enough brazing goggles.

Email if you’re coming so we are prepared. NICOLACYCLES@GMAIL.COM

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