Sunday, May 6, 2012

shop pics and bender making in progress

Here are some pics of the new shop space along with my very excited and driven friends making some benders with me. we take great pride in making everything we make and the money from our products will be going first to rent and electricity and after that go right back into the shop to get better tools and so we can get on to the business of making our experimental musical instruments, bikes, and other artistic endeavors. the shop is sort of the center of what we hope to be an art collective at this location. the pics show only a fraction of the space we have at our disposal. so just know that every time someone buys something from us it will be going to further the arts in our small but lovely town. We are not even close to finishing our shop space which includes another room where the clean work and design takes place but we are at a point where we can make some items to help pay the rent.

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