Tuesday, August 18, 2009

John Thorpes SS Mountain frame

Here are some pics of The mtb I'm working on now. There are some interesting pics showing the making of the seatatays from regular straight stays. after forming the bends they get a little work hardened and more lively making for a real treat to ride. other than that The bike is pretty straightfroward 8-5-8 tubing with regular canti mounts. It will be black with a fine silver hammered badge. and maybe some burnmt orange. there is also a pic of the bike this one is modeled after that shows my Rigid mtb forks. I know the unpaintedness is unflattering but at the time i took this I had to still braze on some hydro cable guides for the maguras.

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Rob Young said...

I looking to make a tube bending block, I've been eyeing the one you made there. The grove down the middle of it, is it a V? Round? Do you use a separate one for each diameter of tube?